For spray applications,
    1. fill up a bucket with 5-6 gals. of de-chlorinated tap or well water,
    2. add 2lbs. sugar and mix well with 1/2 bag (500gms) of Pangoo Soil Conditioner powder.
    3. For best results, use an aquarium air pump and keep aerating inside bucket for 1-2 days.

This mixture can be sprayed on top of your lawn or used at base of garden plants.

Spray back of the leaves or on the roots with the mixture.

On lawns I recommend using a core aerator prior to application.
See my video here: Yard Aerator The core-holes left from aerating yard will create extra pockets of living spaces under lawn
once the Pangoo Soil Conditioner is applied right after aeration:
Spraying Pangoo to more effectively re-colonize the topsoil.