Soil biology plays an important part in healthy lawns and gardens. In particular, there are beneficial microbes which serve to digest fertilizers and transform them into nutrients readily available for plants.

Over time, beneficial bacterial populations in soil tend to decrease, so to help maintain high populations in the soil and on the roots of plants, inoculations are applied as as a soil drench on turf grass several times a year, or in agriculture, it's reintroduced with each crop. When these microbes are allowed to re-colonize the topsoil in sufficiently large numbers, the health of plants increase and this will produce vibrant and deeper hues of greenery in your lawn and/or garden.

Specific types of Bacillus microbes allow decomposition and absorption of potassium and phosphorus in the soil for direct utilization by plants. They break down inorganic soil phosphates into simpler forms that enable uptake by plants.

Here are some of the most important microbes in Pangoo Soil Conditioner©:

Bacillus megaterium. The species generates organic acids during its growth and reproduction, decomposing and dissolving phosphorus so it is better absorbed by plants. Bacillus megaterium reproduces quickly and can become the dominant beneficial bacteria in soil, controlling nutrition at the roots of plants and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria. It 'fattens up' the grass and plant stems by strengthening the fiberous cell walls of plants, forming lignin in their outer membranes which protects against soil pathogens.

Bacillus subtilis. It stimulates plant growth and induces immune resistance. It is often sold by itself as an organic biofungicide in products such as “Serenade”. Releases inhibitory compounds and activates plant resistance against various fungal diseases.

Bacillus mucilaginosus. This species plays an important function by absorbing potassium and phosphorus in soil, making it available directly for the plants. It inhibits the growth of other pathogenic bacteria.

There are some other species of beneficial microbes in the soil conditioner.

As a free value-added application, I can apply Pangoo Soil Conditioner© as described above on your lawn with a scheduled lawn aeration service. That's a $30 dollar retail value when purchased in 1kg bags. This is enough for a 10-gallon spray application, or for approx. 2000 sq. ft. of coverage.

You can also purchase sealed-foil 1k.g bags of Pangoo Soil Conditioner© powder for your own application. $30/bag. Call for availability and pickup/delivery.